We're Entering the 4th Great Era of Science | Dr. Michio Kaku | Google Zeitgeist Download

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  • 23 okt. 2018

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  • usman1995ful
    usman1995ful 6 maanden geleden

    the host is pissing me of. its like he has no idea what dr Michio is talking about and has no interest

  • Tim Sisco
    Tim Sisco 5 maanden geleden

    The main problem with Hawking's statement about God not having time to have created the universe. God doesn't live in our dimension. He is beyond time!

  • Super ninja Vang
    Super ninja Vang 11 maanden geleden

    Professor Kaku deserves the Nobel Prize.

  • Andrew Coursaris
    Andrew Coursaris 10 maanden geleden

    Michio kakus daughter is a neurosurgeon looks like intelligence is genetic she got her dads genes

  • VT Teoh
    VT Teoh 5 maanden geleden

    everytime i hear him talk my brain is suffering to understand it 😂

  • ViAaRo
    ViAaRo 5 maanden geleden

    I love the way he keeps repeating the same jokes hahaha. This guy is a living genius.

  • ghanshyam pandey
    ghanshyam pandey 5 maanden geleden

    I like his book' physics of the impossible'

  • Rottensteam
    Rottensteam 2 jaar geleden

    I miss the old intro with the heartbeat beat.

  • Moha Express
    Moha Express 4 maanden geleden

    Is it just me or the interviewer sounds exactly like Howard stern

  • technological akshually ༼void༽ spaghetti seeds

    i thought Zeitgest had replaced talks at google but i guess not.

  • Mohamed Swalih
    Mohamed Swalih 4 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    Wow!The world is witnessing the said 4th era now!ie post corona world.

  • FUMI
    FUMI 1 jaar geleden

    this only has 7500 views.....wow....

  • h7opolo
    h7opolo 9 maanden geleden

    this host is a piece of work.

  • s s
    s s 1 jaar geleden

    So when I was 8 years old...

  • Isabel Leon
    Isabel Leon 7 maanden geleden


  • Lacita Fleming
    Lacita Fleming 1 maand geleden

    I love, love, love geniuss’. The host, cringe worthy 😬

  • pedro tadlok
    pedro tadlok 1 jaar geleden


  • Soaring Eagle
    Soaring Eagle 5 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    Kaku is a genius, very brilliant theoritical physicist,he talks with facts on fingertips. His in-depth knowledge in string theory puts him in a new different level.

  • Nicholas Trice
    Nicholas Trice 1 jaar geleden

    AI will replace more jobs than it creates.

  • Martin Lichtblau
    Martin Lichtblau 1 jaar geleden

    It seems the host has sth. against +Michio Kaku