We found a huge abandoned MEGA STORE in Belgium (ALL STOCK LEFT!) Download

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  • 16 mei 2020

  • We're just students! Help us to explore more of these places with a few dollars ► https://www.patreon.com/explomo or support us through a one-time donation on PayPal: http://www.paypal.me/explomo In this week's episode we discovered a very extraordinary abandoned place in a very small Belgian town. Called the local shopping center, we rather thought it was more of an MEGA store instead of a mall where you would expect elevators etc. Apparently, the abandoned house of the owner was attached to the MEGA store, but unfortunately, we missed out on it. Electricity still worked and all stock was shockingly left behind, left to decay and cover in mold. If you like our content, consider to subscribe to our channel and click the bell notification button in case you don't want to miss out! Next video online THIS SATURDAY 10 AM ET! FOLLOW our SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExplomoYT/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explomo_urbex/ All the music in this video is gathered through Epidemic Sound (ES). Abandoned Belgium: We found a huge abandoned MEGA STORE in Belgium (ALL STOCK LEFT!) #abandoned #urbex #explomo #abandonedstore


  • Tater Tott
    Tater Tott 1 maand geleden


  • ChuckandMax
    ChuckandMax 1 maand geleden

    I’m sorry but I would be a bad explorer, all those clothes just hanging there, I would have to try everything on and make myself a whole new wardrobe. I know it’s against the explorers code. But I couldn’t resist.

  • Amira RamadhaniA
    Amira RamadhaniA 1 maand geleden

    such a waste seeing all the clothes and shoes are left abandoned just like that,it's so amazing this place still untouched love this video ♡♡♡

  • Amira RamadhaniA
    Amira RamadhaniA 1 maand geleden

    yes you're right,that's great idea for donate all that stuff for people who need them most,homeless coz they never able to buy it,and it's good way for sharing

  • Jean Siegel
    Jean Siegel 1 maand geleden (bewerkt)

    I worked in the footwear department at MODELLS for 6 years. Shoes were stored upstairs where we would go to get the shoes for the customers. Many times shoes were mismatched, and that’s why you might see only one in a box. Displays are always ONE so they do not get stolen as a pair. Often, a customer would remove their own shoes and put them in a new box. Then they would WEAR the new shoes on their way out of the store. Usually they would cut off the security tag.

  • Soul Pure
    Soul Pure 1 maand geleden

    Why not give it to the homeless or poor people who doesn't even have a slipper..

  • Cindy C
    Cindy C 1 maand geleden

    I don’t know how you manage to find these places! This was really interesting.

  • Grandma Carla
    Grandma Carla 1 maand geleden

    After watching the whole video, I found myself feeling so sad for the owners of the little shops. They started with such high expectations and probably did a good business for a long time. Paying probably high rent, hiring young people to work for them, spending hours sourcing products and stocking them ~ Then blam, the mall closes. How sad for so many people. The bank (or current owner) should go thru the building and release all the clothes and shoes. All that said, thanks for the video Maureno!

  • Janice McKay
    Janice McKay 1 maand geleden (bewerkt)

    I swear I've got mononucleosis; I can't stay awake. I've watched this countless times, yet find myself drifting off to sleep. No reflection on you though!

  • Bee Jx
    Bee Jx 3 dagen geleden

    Seems to have been abandoned for a long long time, I’m amazed that people haven’t been in and stolen everything! I realise people think everything should be donated but at the end of the day somebody still purchased those items and obviously lost money on them, I think it’s wrong to just take things even for a good cause

  • Linda Sprout
    Linda Sprout 1 maand geleden

    How wasteful! I’m concerned that malls here in the United States will close after the pandemic is over. I know our local mall lost all its anchor stores over the past few years and more and more of the smaller stores were closing. However I doubt they will leave the merchandise behind. Thanks for the video. There should be some way to get the owners to donate all that is left to organizations that could get the shoes and clothes to those in need.

  • Willy Egger
    Willy Egger 1 maand geleden (bewerkt)

    Hi Maureno, Explomo, Here you really found an absolutely incredible location. What a shame - and here I can only agree fully to you - that

  • Savannah F
    Savannah F 1 maand geleden

    Where’s Remon? I love when you are both together. 💕🙏❤️

  • Sue Girling
    Sue Girling 1 maand geleden

    Hi Maureno, when a company files for bankruptcy all the stock plus fixtures and fittings like carpets, lights, shelves it all has to be left as it then becomes the property of the courts and they decide what should happen to it. I really do think it's a shame that they did not donate all of the clothes and shoes to charity shops or the needy. So much left there and nothing happening to it, thank you for sharing this amazing location. xx💖

  • Koopa Library
    Koopa Library 1 maand geleden

    so anyone who can enter, basically has free clothes for a while

  • Michael Jayson Banua
    Michael Jayson Banua 1 dag geleden

    Why did they left all those clothes and shoes? They could put it on clearance sale or bargain to liquidate them and at least turn them into money.

  • Lanjaigailu Longmei Longmei
    Lanjaigailu Longmei Longmei 1 maand geleden

    Its so interesting wen I see all the good things so as like u said it is good to donate to all the poor n needy its also a good idea n good job.......

  • Janet Teorima
    Janet Teorima 1 maand geleden

    yes, your right the owner of this shop must donate all the clothes and shoes to the homeless and needy people before they abandoned that place. so sad to see that stuff left behind. thank you for sharing it, I love watching your videos. where's Remon? I do love watching you both in your video. stay safe, stay healthy. see your next video. God bless you both always Explomo.

  • Griffin Art and Airbrushing
    Griffin Art and Airbrushing 1 maand geleden

    Skis and Ski Boots. Wow there's so many! All of this could be given to charity or sold. Of course with time the styles change and new products make the skis better or the boots more comfortable. But someone could benefit from them. Nice video! Thank you!

  • Cen Bons
    Cen Bons 1 maand geleden

    WOW, such a shame to see so much waste, so many people could have benefitted from the clothes and shoes, even the skis could have benefitted several people. I don't know what is more heartbreaking an abandoned home or an abandoned mall like that, both places so many things could have been donated for people going through hard times.