MINIMINTER & RANDY - THE HELIUM SONG (Official Music Video) Download

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  • 15 mei 2020

  • Stream and download the song here: Obviously check out Randy too: Directed by Kon: If you have an idea you would like to see, let me know here: Second Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Sidemen Clothing: Sidemen Book: My PC: Custom Controller: HOW I RECORD MY GAMEPLAY: WHERE I GET MY CHAIR: UK: USA: Music from: Music from Video uploaded by Simon/Miniminter/mm7games


  • App King
    App King 5 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    This is better than ricegums whole career.

  • BCTV
    BCTV 3 maanden geleden

    “Woke up this morning feeling so high”

  • Tronny
    Tronny 4 maanden geleden

    this song and film clip actually bangs hard i'm kinda pissed it's only at 3,5mil views in a month, should be over 10mil :(

  • Alberto Esquilin
    Alberto Esquilin 5 maanden geleden

    The only criticism is that the song is too short

  • kyle thurlow
    kyle thurlow 4 maanden geleden

    Simon acc banged this ngl nonone talks abouts how sick he acc is

  • TheFlamingCookie
    TheFlamingCookie 4 maanden geleden

    Randy: her body is a city and im tourin it

  • Ignace Aleya
    Ignace Aleya 4 maanden geleden

    For those interested, I've made a tutorial containing most of these epic effects :)

  • Abijith Suresh
    Abijith Suresh 5 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    Why is this an actual good song and Im not even trying to be funny, ironic etc Im not kidding this actually bangs hard

  • Séan McElwee
    Séan McElwee 4 maanden geleden

    Simon has never made a normal song

  • Steven Jacobs
    Steven Jacobs 5 maanden geleden

    This ain’t helium. This some Harry type drug.

  • shadowman
    shadowman 5 maanden geleden

    miniminter and randy: we have the best squeaky voice song

  • Archie Lucca
    Archie Lucca 4 maanden geleden


    THE ECL1PSE 4 maanden geleden

    Sad that JJ’s reaction got more views...

  • SMKurama
    SMKurama 4 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    I always comeback for S dizzle's verse... So I'm gonna put a time stamp here

  • matthew Evans
    matthew Evans 5 maanden geleden

    simon and jj should make a song together considering they are in the same house

  • RazerBlazerXD
    RazerBlazerXD 5 maanden geleden

    -Helium fits the tone of song surprisingly well.

  • Tia fryer
    Tia fryer 4 maanden geleden

    Simon should make more music the amount of times I’ve listened to this and the deji diss track in lockdown is maddd

  • Lucid
    Lucid 5 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    If you listen closely, it’s actually harry singing

  • Gio'sBrawl
    Gio'sBrawl 4 maanden geleden

    Everyone:This was soo sick

  • Tehj Dhaul
    Tehj Dhaul 5 maanden geleden

    no wonder why it took Kon so long to edit