Mark Knopfler Barcelona 2019 Download

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  • 16 aug. 2019

  • Mark Knopfler Barcelona 2019. Setlist: 01 Why Aye Man 1:52 02 Nobody Does That 11:24 03 Corned Beef City 18:54 04 Sailing To Philadelphia 23:33 05 Once Upon a time in the West 31:33 06 Romeo and Juliet 39:14 07 My Bacon Roll 48:46 08 Matchstick Man 57:06 09 Done With Bonaparte 1:01:20 10 Heart full of holes 1:07:17 11 She's Gone 1:14:14 12 Your Latest Trick 1:15:43 13 Silvertown Blues 1:21:00 14 Postcards from Paraguay 1:26:40 15 On Every Street 1:31:46 16 Speedway at Nazareth 1:36:56 17 Telegraph Road 1:44:31 18 Money for nothing 1:57:40 19 Going Home-Local Hero 2:06:50


  • AgustinKnopfler
    AgustinKnopfler 10 maanden geleden


  • Hugo Jiménez
    Hugo Jiménez 6 maanden geleden

    Ya vemos lo que es la vida. Los cuerpos, la materia envejece pero la música siempre resiste al paso del tiempo.

  • Alexandr Zubov
    Alexandr Zubov 9 maanden geleden

    Музон - супер! Оператора из "Играй гармонь" взяли.

  • Jordi Garcia
    Jordi Garcia 6 maanden geleden

    Joer, me emocionao... gracias Mark por estos fabulosos directos que hemos podido disfrutar todos estos años.

  • Baixista mineiro
    Baixista mineiro 10 maanden geleden


  • Jordi Median
    Jordi Median 10 maanden geleden

    Hoy he escuchado los dos conciertos, Madrid y Barcelona, los dos con increibles versiones de canciones iguales, sonando diferente...Gran Mark Knopfler..¡¡¡

  • Adam Chaifetz
    Adam Chaifetz 9 maanden geleden

    This a cool performance, you won't see many live versions of Sivertown Blues, one of my favorites

  • TheSamoht67
    TheSamoht67 9 maanden geleden

    Danny Cummings and Winston Watson my favourite drummers of all time

  • Eddu13
    Eddu13 9 maanden geleden

    How is "What it is" and Golden Heart""not included in his set list. Those are some of his best work ever.

  • sam perera
    sam perera 10 maanden geleden

    Sir. Mark knopfler. Thank you for your music for all this years.

  • Marty Griffith
    Marty Griffith 10 maanden geleden

    We’re all getting older, but not all of us are getting better. Knopfler gives me hope. Could listen all day.

  • Ricardo Iguatemy
    Ricardo Iguatemy 10 maanden geleden

    Still one of the greatest guitar sound in history of music !

  • Sada Bilich
    Sada Bilich 9 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    2019 . Still Telegraph road 😎😍😍😍🙌🏻🙏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻☺️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 his wise guitar.... ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you, Mark 🙏✊👏🏻🤩

  • Javier Blanco
    Javier Blanco 10 maanden geleden

    Who said he is getting old? This man is AGELESS... and his Music, timeless. God bless you Mr. Mark Knopfler.

  • Mario Rabottini
    Mario Rabottini 9 maanden geleden

    The most beautiful guitarist of all time! The king of tone!

  • Dimas Vicente
    Dimas Vicente 8 maanden geleden


  • Mapuo
    Mapuo 9 maanden geleden

    In this video you will not see a naked dancers and any special light show effects.

  • AJ Neupane
    AJ Neupane 9 maanden geleden

    Mark Knopfler makes guitar sing!! Privilege to watch you sir!!!

  • Dan L.
    Dan L. 10 maanden geleden

    I saw them 40 years ago... OMG!

  • Boris Ivica
    Boris Ivica 10 maanden geleden

    Amazing musician, he is 70 but still young and full of energy, great guitar player and one of all time the best