Loïc Nottet - 29 (Official Video) Download

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  • 4 jun. 2019

  • Découvrez "29", le nouveau clip de Loïc Nottet "29" est disponible en streaming et téléchargement: https://LoicNottet.lnk.to/TwentyNineID Nouvel album "Sillygomania" disponible en écoute / téléchargement : https://LoicNottet.lnk.to/SillygomaniaID Directed by : Julien Hosmalin Produced by : LEFT Productions ---------------------------- Abonne-toi à la CHAINE OFFICIELLE de Loïc Nottet : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_J-... ---------------------------- Retrouve Loïc Nottet sur Site officiel: http://www.loicnottet.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L0oiicNottet Twitter: https://twitter.com/L0oiic Instagram: https://instagram.com/loicnottet_offi...


  • Lun Arty
    Lun Arty 1 jaar geleden (bewerkt)

    Et les radios françaises elles attendent quoi pour diffuser cette pépite sérieux 😑 ils aiment trop passer de la merde en boucle eux c'est pas possible

  • kln 123
    kln 123 8 maanden geleden

    It's almost funny. Every time Loïc performs on television or gives a concert he leaves everyone speechless. And yet we hardly ever see him on TV and his songs are (almost) never played on the radio.  If you like his voice, his music, his dancing … go to his concerts , buy his music, stream legally, suggest his name for festivals..., show your appreciation on social media, ask radiostations to play his songs........wathever . Let's fight this injustice together !

  • Sophie Nutrition
    Sophie Nutrition 1 jaar geleden

    Ce mec mérite une putain de carrière internationale il doit exploser à travers les frontières.

  • Lion
    Lion 1 jaar geleden

    I really don't know why he's still not that popular. Boy, his voice is out of this world

  • Senne Dekoning
    Senne Dekoning 1 jaar geleden (bewerkt)

    Loïc Nottet for Eurovision 2020🇧🇪

  • cadre
    cadre 9 maanden geleden

    Who actually came here because of the chandelier thing he did years ago

  • girija lokesh lokesh
    girija lokesh lokesh 10 maanden geleden

    boy... this song deserves a BILLION view

  • Jadou Swan
    Jadou Swan 8 maanden geleden

    Mais l’originalité de ses mélodies me charme à chaque fois... Puis cette signature vocale de fou... il mérite tellement plus de considération ce merveilleux artiste ♥️

  • Simonida Devic
    Simonida Devic 1 jaar geleden (bewerkt)


  • Darkk
    Darkk 1 jaar geleden (bewerkt)

    Hihi si jamais vous voulez les lyrics et la traduction française pour mieux comprendre certains ^^ :

  • Myda Miss
    Myda Miss 8 maanden geleden

    Qui est là après avoir regardé Danse avec les stars? 💃🏽

  • laura kovaliūnaitė
    laura kovaliūnaitė 1 jaar geleden

    I found him after I saw a short video of him singing "Chandelier" by Sia and I've been hooked since then. He's phenomenal

  • Saskia
    Saskia 10 maanden geleden

    Loic il n’y a pas une chanson de toi que je n’aime pas, pas une qui ne m’émeut pas aux larmes,

  • Romane Blondain
    Romane Blondain 8 maanden geleden

    2 choses qui font reconnaître sa voix:

  • Ale Xia
    Ale Xia 3 maanden geleden

    y'all wanna know how i found him?? hecking YEARS AGO, i told my phone assistant (i don't remember what phone i had at that time, that's why i am not giving an exact assistant) to play Daughter (you know, the band that wrote Youth ? those kind of songs) - well, my phone being a british maniac understood Doctor and played his song. I was really disturbed by the screaming at first- but after a week i was hooked; playing Rythm Inside and Poison on repeat, making a story in my head on the line Million Eyes -> Mud Blood -> Mirror that i wanted to illustrate when i got more confident in my art and STILL DO (just still am not confident enough but i am working on it!!) and just really getting and interest in french with the motivation to be able to understand his world better. the French part failed but I'm still here.

  • Foxy •
    Foxy • 1 maand geleden

    Mon copain qui étais mon premier amour m’a quitter un 29 ... cette musique est le reflet de ce moment 🥺 tellement belle et tellement touchante à la fois ...

  • Mel V
    Mel V 1 jaar geleden

    I have to say... I can count on a few fingers the number of songs that have made me cry. This one is special, because not only did it make me cry, but I have no connection to the message at all, which is usually what makes a song poignant. I’ve never been through a breakup because I’ve always been happily single. Loïc just made me cry over something I can’t even relate to. That’s how powerful his talent is.

  • Perfectttion v
    Perfectttion v 1 jaar geleden

    One of the best voices in the world 👏❣️ You deserve more attention and being more popular I am waiting in the future for a duet with Sia ❤️ Your songs should have more views and with each subsequent one is getting better I'm really proud of you 👏👏❤️ love you xx 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Aiden Hately
    Aiden Hately 11 maanden geleden

    You literally have one of the most perfect voices I have ever heard. You deserve so much more recognition. There isn’t one songs of yours I don’t like and your voice is unmatched in every way, you truly are an angel and an inspiration 💛

  • Bunnylove Moon
    Bunnylove Moon 1 jaar geleden

    L'un des rares chanteurs a me donné la chair de poule !