Juice WRLD - Hear Me Calling (Official Audio) Download

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  • 28 feb. 2019

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  • LiL LOAF
    LiL LOAF 1 jaar geleden

    How many people think juice wrld one of the best artists

  • zenHD
    zenHD 6 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    When x died I remember people were saying we can’t let juice die, F

  • Gabriel Kay
    Gabriel Kay 6 maanden geleden


  • Hernan Rodriguez
    Hernan Rodriguez 6 maanden geleden

    You don’t have to like this, but I hope Jarad rests in piece and know a that every single one of his fans b4 he died loves him. Fly high legend🥺🕊🙏

  • Luther M Ford
    Luther M Ford 6 maanden geleden


  • Jay& Queen
    Jay& Queen 6 maanden geleden

    God heard you calling my brother... that’s why you’re in a better place with him cuz you always had a higher callin. despite wat others thought of you. you answered the phone cuz you’re destiny that god wanted you to full fill was you’re callin with your music. R.I.P bro

  • Titoo
    Titoo 6 maanden geleden

    May you forever live through your music. RIP Juice WRLD

  • PlugCity
    PlugCity 6 maanden geleden

    Bro rip to a legend, 2K20 gon be tuff everytime this song plays now

  • GGoodgame 0
    GGoodgame 0 6 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    “ ur posters on the walls inside my he eee ad” when that beat drop and his voice lowers down that shit got me sad idk y I guess cuz he gone and never coming back... You can hear his sadness😞😓❤️🙏

  • Rhydes Official
    Rhydes Official 6 maanden geleden

    To whoever is unaware: sadly, Juice is said to have

  • marcheckii_
    marcheckii_ 5 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    " Hear me calling" and " fast " bring me back to the days when Death race for love first came out and l got notified every time a song of the album was posted on YouTube. I remeber being really happy about this album. And now every time I hear the songs, part of me wishes it could go back to those days. To just know that he is still around :(.

  • Alexander Monroe
    Alexander Monroe 6 maanden geleden

    It’s almost as if hes calling for help but not receiving it 😭😭 “do you hear me calling”

  • 24kBr0ken
    24kBr0ken 2 dagen geleden

    Never saw how good juice songs were until he died...

  • ariana hansen
    ariana hansen 1 jaar geleden

    This how many bangers juice got

  • lil sticky
    lil sticky 1 maand geleden

    Makes me get sad vibes whenever I'm playing 2k and I hear this song

  • U know I like it
    U know I like it 1 maand geleden

    Ring, do you hear me calling?

  • Tom Pattenden
    Tom Pattenden 6 maanden geleden

    RIp Juice 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭

  • Micah Griffith
    Micah Griffith 6 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    Who else listening to all of his songs after his death crying

  • Shinobi x Rage
    Shinobi x Rage 1 jaar geleden

    We must make sure nothing bad happens to juice wrld

  • Its Fifi’s World
    Its Fifi’s World 6 maanden geleden

    Do you hear me calling juice?