Joe Rogan Experience #1475 - Bridget Phetasy Download

Stuur naar je vrienden
  • 16 mei 2020

  • Bridget Phetasy is a writer and comedian. Check out her show on YouTube called “Dumpster Fire” — & her podcast called “Walk-Ins Welcome” available on Apple Podcasts & Stitcher. @phetasy ​


  • Patrick Clark
    Patrick Clark 1 maand geleden

    Joe can you get MIKE ROWE from Dirty Jobs on?

  • Joshua Cragan
    Joshua Cragan 1 maand geleden

    Two types of people "shut ins... and people without hobbies."

    MATCHLESS 1 maand geleden

    "I'm worried about my single female friends, they haven't hugged anyone in like 2 months!"

  • Rvnc oficial
    Rvnc oficial 1 maand geleden

    Why hasnt Dave Chapelle been in your podcast Joe. The mindset of Joe Rogan and Dave Chapelle being in the same room!!

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan 1 maand geleden

    “If someone gave you $100 million dollars” how appropriate.. little did we know what a subtle clue this was 🤣🤑 well done Joe

  • The Timestamps Guy
    The Timestamps Guy 1 maand geleden


  • Miguel Suarez-solis
    Miguel Suarez-solis 3 dagen geleden

    It's fun watching this in the future... Let's see if these states that open up do ok... Lol ok dummy

  • solDier 166
    solDier 166 1 maand geleden

    "Weeks without a hug" You gotta pump those numbers up.

  • Rogelio Rodriguez
    Rogelio Rodriguez 1 maand geleden

    Joe Rogan: "Do you know Tekashi 69?"

  • Matthew Stutzman
    Matthew Stutzman 1 maand geleden

    "It would have to be a series of conspiracies theories for it to be plausible"

  • AdventureSpark
    AdventureSpark 1 maand geleden

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker for JRE!

  • Zombie Orchestra
    Zombie Orchestra 1 maand geleden

    Life is just a Phetasy, can you live this Phetasy life.

  • Robert Hinojosa
    Robert Hinojosa 1 maand geleden

    When Joe starts talking about culture wars and how everything is nonsensical it starts to make the philosophical stance of Absurdism seem pretty valid for current times.

  • Bill Condron
    Bill Condron 1 maand geleden

    "join a union or become an employee" at around

  • Shabadoo Shabadoo
    Shabadoo Shabadoo 1 week geleden

    It's amazing that this womans alive based on how reckless her whole life sounds lol.

  • The Timestamps Guy
    The Timestamps Guy 1 maand geleden


  • Constance Hutcheson
    Constance Hutcheson 1 maand geleden

    The question "where do you get your news?" has come up in a few of these shows. For anyone who is looking for news without constant emotional prodding, try the wire services, like

  • Matthew Richard
    Matthew Richard 1 maand geleden

    Joe: 70,000 plus 40% is 87,000

  • Darren Parro
    Darren Parro 1 maand geleden

    Joe: I don't believe in the pandemic conspiracy.

  • Frank N
    Frank N 1 maand geleden

    " There's like 10,000 people over there, Italy is small"