Israel Is My Playground - Fabio Wibmer Download

Stuur naar je vrienden
  • 15 jan. 2020

  • Thanks to Visit Israel for inviting me to this incredible country! Check out and to get more info about the places I visited. ► Subscribe/Abonnieren: ►Onlineshop: ► Check my new Documentary "To The Limit" here: English Version: Deutsche (german) Version: ► Music by: Full Trunk - Let's Go ► Produced by: rasoulution GmbH ► Crew: Aleksander Osmalek (Camera 1), Lukas Faltenbacher (Camera 2), Ohad Nir (Camera 3 & Guide) Hannes Berger (Photographer), Marius Prell (Post Production), Richard Bos (Coordination & BTS) ► As many of you ask about the tunes, we get our Music from Musicbed! With my link you can get a 30-day free trial to try the best music for your videos! ►Want to know what protection, bikes, parts and camera equipment I use? Here is a list of all things ►You can also follow me on: Facebook: Instagram: (@wibmerfabio) Cheers, Fabio


  • Fabio Wibmer
    Fabio Wibmer 5 maanden geleden

    This has been an incredible project!

  • Alexander Ibragimov
    Alexander Ibragimov 5 maanden geleden

    Fabio in 2 Jahren: Moon is my Playground

  • Rayday smiles
    Rayday smiles 2 maanden geleden

    Indians : that song sounds familiar.

  • Olga Balabanova
    Olga Balabanova 6 dagen geleden

    After a few years: International Space Station is my playground

  • Pratyaksh Bhuria
    Pratyaksh Bhuria 1 maand geleden

    Fabio- "I think, Mount Everest is also my playground"

  • Florian Frehn
    Florian Frehn 2 maanden geleden


  • Fabio Wibmer
    Fabio Wibmer 5 maanden geleden

    Guys, biking is not about politics!

  • hrishikesh ghule
    hrishikesh ghule 1 maand geleden

    "The true Master of Death is that individual who fully accepts mortality and is not afraid to die himself"

  • Jonathan Fielding
    Jonathan Fielding 1 maand geleden

    Imagine having to walk your bike back once you get done with that

  • Dissleaction
    Dissleaction 1 maand geleden

    This guy doesnt have fears

  • Yinkenful
    Yinkenful 2 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    This video is absolutely amazing, but second part is MASTERPIECE!

  • Yüksel Daşdelen
    Yüksel Daşdelen 5 maanden geleden

    Fabio in 2030:

  • Parker Rebischke
    Parker Rebischke 2 maanden geleden (bewerkt)


  • Guy Ron
    Guy Ron 2 maanden geleden

    This video is just AMAZING!

  • Aniketh Anantha
    Aniketh Anantha 2 maanden geleden

    I wonder how many times the chain popped out ??

  • KeReM
    KeReM 1 maand geleden

    Whats this game called? I want to buy it. Really nice game!

  • Lasse Bikelife
    Lasse Bikelife 5 maanden geleden

    Erst mal mit dem neuen Bike durch Salzwasser fahren😂👌🏻

  • FD Oktavian
    FD Oktavian 3 weken geleden

    Israel is my playground

  • Goraksh
    Goraksh 1 maand geleden

    I want to see him so bad in an India tour ! It would be so damn amazing.

  • Zachary Kiss
    Zachary Kiss 2 maanden geleden

    That’s a lot of free ride. Gearing up for rampage?