Ariana Grande - love me harder (swt live) Download

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  • 22 dec. 2019



  • Rachel Tan
    Rachel Tan 10 maanden geleden

    Ariana really has the most beautiful voice in the industry

  • Wendy for life
    Wendy for life 10 maanden geleden

    Right now there’s only one dislike, and I think it’s Toulouse. I feel like he’s always been jealous of Ari tbh.....

  • ur rat
    ur rat 10 maanden geleden

    girl, i still remember when the song was released—

  • Kennedy Grande
    Kennedy Grande 10 maanden geleden

    Imagine having gone through all this, an attack on your concert, the death of your ex-boyfriend, many breakups, the pressure of journalists and the fear of disappointing your fans, but despite everything being able to make extraordinary performances, reaching high notes incredibly.

  • CasterTroye
    CasterTroye 9 maanden geleden

    Everyone: Autotune makes everything sound better

  • Alex B
    Alex B 10 maanden geleden

    Ariana sounds so different singing this 5 years later than when she first made it. Really goes to show how much she has evolved. Queen forever

  • andra
    andra 10 maanden geleden

    her voice is just perfect

  • Britnee Erykah
    Britnee Erykah 10 maanden geleden

    need christmas and chill live thooo

  • Beatriz Ortiz
    Beatriz Ortiz 10 maanden geleden

    I will never get over her voice, really, it's too beautiful, she's like an angel. She is an angel sent from heaven to save us.

  • garylin94209
    garylin94209 10 maanden geleden

    I'm on swt tour marathon who's with me? 11st Stop (checked✔️)

  • Lily Mary
    Lily Mary 10 maanden geleden (bewerkt)

    She has the most beautiful voice in this world.

  • SadSxn
    SadSxn 10 maanden geleden

    My favorite celebrity singer is Ariana Grande I grew up with her since I was born

  • Y O S H I
    Y O S H I 10 maanden geleden

    Like si eres Arianator de corazón. ❤

  • alondra
    alondra 10 maanden geleden

    Collab with The weeknd again

  • Carlos Angel Sanchez
    Carlos Angel Sanchez 10 maanden geleden

    Te amo ari🤩🤩

  • alondra
    alondra 10 maanden geleden

    I love ariana and the weeknd. Please collab again

  • ondra eleš
    ondra eleš 10 maanden geleden

    I'm so sad she grabbed love me harder from the setlist 💔😭

  • Neena Neena
    Neena Neena 10 maanden geleden

    Only Ariana lovers hit like ♥️

  • michelle
    michelle 10 maanden geleden

    i love this song. Idc what anyone else says.

  • Maria Fernanda
    Maria Fernanda 10 maanden geleden

    Pode passar um século essa música ainda vai ser a minha favorita